Binance transfers $1.2 Billion in 1.1 seconds, Future is here quoted by Binance CEO

As per the recent reports published on June 26 on WhaleAlert, a platform where transactions are getting tracked, about $1.2 billion in Binance coin (BNB) has been transferred in 1.1 seconds with $0.015 fee on the Binance chain. CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao already had warned about the occurrence of big transactions.  Addition to that, he even explained about the segregation of BNB cold wallet in multiple addresses.  When the transaction took place after that CEO informed about its cost and speed and also explained about the transaction process: this cost around $0.015 USD in fees, took approximately 1.1 seconds, and around $1.2 billion is transferred. the future is here.

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The total amount of movement of Binance coins is 32,888,888. One of Twitter users pointed out that 8 number holds an exception like no other in Chinese technology, and explained the Wikipedia definition that states that 8 is considered an auspicious number that if it is aligned with several eights, it is considered as lucky.  CEO explained about the internal strategy to his company – It sort of signals it’s not a hack, hackers will drain a wallet and not go for a lucky number.” It also came into the picture that Binance has already transferred 9,001 bitcoin (BTC) to back its BTC-backed token on a binance chain. there has also been an achievement in the kitty of Binance is listing of trading pairs for USDSB on Binance Chain-based decentralized Binance DEX.

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